VAS Management

Field Sales Support

This is a vast vertical which has activities like KYC Document Collection, ECS / PDC Collections from existing customers, Pre-Sanction and Post-Disbursement documents.

Mailroom Management

With an experienced team, we help manage the Mail Room by deploying trained personnel. We simplify and if possible automate the Receipt, Sorting, Distribution and Dispatching of mails besides helping with associated processes like Vendor Management and Negotiation. This brings complete accountability and efficiency in mail management.

HNI Customer Management

We understand that HNI Customers need to be delicately handled and we have tailor-made processes for the same. Necessary care is ensured at every leg of the transaction.

Gadget Installation and Demonstration

There are bundled offerings like Data Card, Smartphones, etc. which when delivered are generally meant for immediate usage. We deploy trained personnel who execute such assignments and assist/guide recipients Onsite with the installation and understanding the basic functions.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

We help conduct Surveys on targeted customers on behalf of the client telephonically as well as a field visit to understand if they are facing any service issues, billing issues or if they require any support from the client. The feedback is shared with the Client, so that they may resolve the issues.

Discreet Checks

We conduct discreet investigations e.g. Death Claims, Other Claims, etc. and report findings to the Clients for them to be able to take a judicious decision on the Claim.