Network Services

Cash Management Services

There’s an ever growing need of Door-Step banking or quick expansion of Banking / Financial Services across various Semi-Urban / Rural Geographies. We have the capabilities and the expertise of helping MSPs, Cash Management Companies, Banks and PSUs in many ways strategically and on a long-term basis to ease the pressures and risks.

Channel Creation and Monitoring

Be it any kind of Product or Service Organization, it’s a very cumbersome, time-consuming and costly exercise to engage the right and strategic Channel Partner in a semi-urban or rural location. We have solutions which can ease this burden to a very great extent!

Site Identification and Finalization

There are lot of finer things that need to be locally studied before an ideal site for an Office, Kiosk, Outlet, etc. is frozen upon. And, if it’s to be done at a semi-urban or rural location, comes at an expense of lot of management bandwidth and various costs. We can not only help curtail these costs but also manage the same efficiently.

Last Mile Fulfilment

With a growing population, there are terrains which are getting occupied and generally not serviced or are serviced at a premium. We can assist with cost effective options to help you expand your reach.

Inwarding Desks Setup

There are Organizations who do not wish to invest in a small Outlet / Kiosk in semi-urban and rural locations. We assist such Organizations with Dedicated / Semi-Dedicated shared Infrastructure across various Semi-Urban and Rural locations in India.