Case Studies

General Insurance Company to launch Direct To customer(D2C) Sales model

A renowned General Insurance Company wanted to launch Direct To Customer (D2C) Sales model in which their Tele-sales team were to call the customer’s and convince them to buy the Insurance policies. This process was to be launched first in 8 cities and further to be expanded to 20 cities and 40 cities thereafter in 3 months and 6 months respectively. Everything was set and in place except for the 1 big challenge.

How will they get the Application filled, KYC documents & Premium cheque collected from the customer?

ShellEX worked with their team for 3 months to work out a model in which the following solutions were provided:

  • Application Form, KYC Document and Premium Cheques to be collected by ShellEX from the customer
  • In case the customer had any queries, ShellEX FOS to get the customer to speak the Insurance Company’s officer from the TouchPoint so that the same is sorted out real time
  • Premium cheques to be deposited locally by ShellEX with the designated Bankers of the Insurance Company, thus leading to speedy clearing of the cheques
A large Life Insurance Company wanted to use the Tele-sales model to sell the Insurance policies to customers of a particular bank in the Tier III & IV cities of Kerala.

The Challenges:

  • The Insurance Company did not have its branches in these districts
  • Since the Insurance Policy sales is a Push product and with variety of options available in the market, the chances of customer hanging his mind was very high
  • Application Forms and Premium cheques were to be deposited at the earliest

ShellEX offered the following solutions:

  • ShellEX appointed FOSs in each of these district headquarters
  • These FOSs would travel with in their respective districts and visit the customers within 3 to 4 hours from the confirmation received from the customer
  • ShellEX ensured that Quality Check was done on all the Application Forms , KYC Documents and Premium Cheque so that the same is not rejected once it reaches the processing centre in Chennai
  • The Application Forms along with the KYC Documents, Premium Cheques and ECS Mandates were couriered to the processing centre in Chennai within 24 hrs of collection

Insurance Company to use Tele-sales models to sell insurance policies

A vast Software upgrade for a Money Transfer Giant

A Money Transfer Giant had to install its upgraded software in 5000+ distributor outlets across India in Tier II, III & IV locations

ShellEX deputed its trained FOSs from each district headquarters to install the software. The project was successfully completed in 58 days using a team of 45 FOSs.

A leading Indian Telecom player wanted to reduce the time taken for activating the new mobile connections from about 24 hours (The time the customer applies for the Prepaid connection) to about 1/6th of time due to procedural changes as per a DoT directive and it’s need remain competitive while honouring the directive. The Application Forms were to be collected from Touchpoints across the cities and had to be complete & correct, so that the rejection do not happen once they reached the processing centre. ShellEX deployed a team of trained FOSs ensuring Application Forms were checked for completeness at the time of Pickup form the Touchpoints, so that Incomplete Forms could be handed over at the Touchpoint itself.

As the pickups were be done from the same Touchpoint multiple times based on a Beat Plan within a day, ShellEX gradually with Continuous Improvement was able to deliver the collected Application Forms within an hour of Collection resulting Service Excellence. This process due to constant efforts and endeavours of ShellEX Team soon turned into a routine exercise which was flawless and exceeded customer expectations.

Faster activation of new mobile connections for a leading Indian Telecom Company